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Register for Gold99

Gold99 is the ideal destination for online bettors. This place is an entertainment paradise with a series of attractive games and a promised land for prize hunters to earn real money from online games freely. Register for Gold99now to mingle with other bettors and earn millions every day. See the instructions in the article below!

Register for Gold99

Instructions for registering Gold99

How do you register a gaming account at the number 1 bookmaker in the Philippines – Gold99? Registering for Gold99 is extremely simple. The house optimizes account registration procedures, supporting players in quickly registering for Gold99 through the website and Gold99 app on smartphones. Can you follow the instructions below to register to open a Gold99 account immediately?

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Register for Gold99 on PC

To register for Gold99 on a PC or desktop, follow these steps:

Step 1: You can access the homepage of bookmaker Gold99 here.


After accessing the house’s main interface, find and click on Join Now in the toolbar above (Illustration).

Step 2: A Gold99 registration form appears; you fill in the information according to the form available from the system.

This information is fundamental, including:

  • Username: This will be your display name while using services and games at the house. A real name is not required.
  • Password: Set a password that’s easy to remember, but don’t use your phone number or date of birth because it’s easy to hack. Tips for setting a strong password include setting one with more than eight characters, including letters and numbers.
  • Email Address: You should provide the email address you use most often because this is where you receive notifications related to promotions, transaction receipts/receipts, login notifications, or account changes. I need confirmation from you.
  • Full name: You provide your real full name.
  • Date/month/year of birth: You provide a complete and accurate date/month/year of birth.
  • Phone number: Use a frequently used phone number. The dealer will send you an OTP or confirmation notification directly.
  • Currency unit: Default
  • Dealer code (if any): Not required.
  • Confirmation code: Enter the series of numbers next to it.

Step 3: You check the information and press Register to complete the Gold99 registration procedure. 

Create a Gold99 account on your phone.

Create a Gold99 account right on your phone to log in to Gold99 anytime, anywhere, more conveniently. Currently, the Gold99 app is available on the app stores of both Android and iOS operating systems. You can download it quickly—a lightweight app integrated with automatic installation. You just need to download it, and you can register immediately.

  • Step 1: You access the application store => Search for App Gold99 and click download the app to your device. You can also quickly find the Gold99 app on the house’s homepage.
  • Step 2: Select the appropriate download for your device => Wait for the app to install automatically for a few minutes. After installing the app, press Open and start registering Gold99 on your phone.
  • Step 3: You enter the same registration information when registering Gold99 with PC. 

Note when creating a Gold99 account.

After having a Gold99 account, you need to pay attention to the following things so as not to miss out on incentives for you as well as improve the safety of your account:

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Update information

After you have an account, you should go to your account to update your personal information. This information will help verify your account, increasing its security. 

Receive newbie promotions

Gold99’s newbie gift policy is for all players who successfully register for a new Gold99 account. Reward value may vary depending on registration time. In it, you will have two notable newbie rewards:

  • Newbie bonuses are deposited directly into your gaming account.
  • Give a % deposit bonus to new players who deposit into their account for the first time.

You can click on the Promotions section to know precisely what newbie promotions are taking place to receive rewards. Then, select the New Member section. All promotions exclusive to new accounts will appear here. All that’s left is to take advantage of it immediately so you can take advantage of it!


Above is the most detailed and accurate guide to registering for Gold99. Apply now to create a Gold99 account, and remember to receive newbie gifts from the house. I wish you success and exciting experiences at the Philippines’ most prominent real money betting house – Gold99!

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